Turkey Visa Photo Specifications

Turkey Visa Photo Specifications

Photo Specifications For Turkey

Print Size, Expression & Attire

The photographs must be:

  • No more than 6-months old
  • 2.5 inch X 2.5 inch in size
  • Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70 -80% of the photograph
  • In sharp focus and clear
  • Of high quality with no ink marks or creases
  • Show you looking directly at the camera
  • Show your skin tones naturally
  • Have appropriate brightness and contrast
  • Be printed on high quality paper, and at high resolution Photographs taken with a digital camera must be high quality color and printed on photo-quality paper
  • Be color neutral
  • Show your eyes open and clearly visible-no hair across your eyes
  • Show you facing square on to the camera, not looking over one shoulder (portrait style) or tilted, and showing both edges of your face clearly
  • Be taken with a plain light-colored background
  • Be taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows or flash reflections on your face and no red eye
  • Show you alone (no chair backs, toys or other people visible), looking at the camera with a neutral expression and your mouth closed

If you wear glasses:

  • The photograph must show your eyes clearly with no eye glasses or sun glasses.
  • Use of contact lenses are not allowed. Show natural eyes in photograph.

Head coverings:

  • Are not permitted except for religious reasons, but your facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown